Will Your Breast Reduction Surgery Be Covered By Insurance

Will Your Breast Reduction Surgery Be Covered By Insurance 22 Dec

Will Your Breast Reduction Surgery Be Covered By Insurance

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that many San Francisco, California women consider, but may not undergo because they unsure about it being covered by their insurance policy.

Breast reduction surgery, unlike some surgeries like facelifts or breast augmentation, is usually considered a reconstructive surgery because it corrects overdeveloped breasts that cause painful symptoms for the women. As a result, breast reduction surgery is often partially or completely covered by insurance policies.

The difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is the goal of the surgery. Cosmetic surgery is performed to alter normal structures on the body in order to improve the self-esteem and appearance of the individual. Reconstructive surgery is performed to correct developmental abnormalities, improve function, and return the body to a more normal appearance.

“I have helped hundreds of women from San Francisco, Oakland, and Santa Rosa, California who were suffering from overdeveloped breasts,” says Dr. Miguel Delgado. “Breast reduction surgery can restore a woman’s life, allowing her to take part in all the activities she wants, and improve painful symptoms from abnormally large breasts.”

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, speak with your insurance company about whether or not they cover part or all of a reconstructive surgery. You may need to document the size of your breasts, the symptoms you are suffering from, the amount of tissue that will be removed through breast reduction surgery, and why you and your surgeon believe the breast reduction surgery is a necessary, reconstructive surgeon.

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