The Journey to Success of A Natural Bodybuilder

The Journey to Success of A Natural Bodybuilder

I’m a personal trainer and natural bodybuilder from the UK. I love everything to do with fitness, but my main passion is lifting weights. I just love how much you can dictate how your body looks by training hard, training smart and eating properly.

There are many awesome physiques (natural and non-natural athletes) that motivate me each and every day, too many to mention. But the goal of wanting to become the best version of myself is what motivates me most, and also the state in which I let my body get to (in the before picture) really motivates me to never let myself revert back to anything near that again.

I’ve tried many nutritional strategies. I’ve learned if you stick to a plan and be consistent, then you will see results, almost regardless of what diet you’re on.

First off, I track my food. This alone will help you understand how you eat.

I believe in a more flexible healthy approach to eating. Most of my meals are what you’d consider healthy wholesome food. But I also don’t believe in absolute restriction of certain foods. I feel if you place too much restriction on yourself, you are more likely to crack, rebel or just go insane.

So I either incorporate weekly cheat meals, or just the odd treat here and there, obviously without going crazy. It’ all about moderation.

Also with the training, there are so many training splits out there. With everyone trying to find the “best” workout for this and that. There is no best or magical workout/training plan.

Find a solid looking plan (there are hundreds online or in mags) with a focus on the big compound lifts (squats, bench, deadlifts and overhead press) and stick with it. Use decent form and make sure over time you are gradually progressing in strength. Every 6-8 weeks I will switch up my training split. And that is pretty much it.

I competed in my first natural bodybuilding competition last year. I did 2 shows, came 4th in my first show and 3rd in my second. I was very happy with that as I didn’t go in with any expectations of placing high. I just really wanted to use my first show as experience and to see if I liked competing. I did, very much! Competing and having a date set in your mind to bring your best is such a great goal. It gives me focus and drive to smash every training session. Knowing that other competitors (my competition) are out there working hard keeps me pushing harder.

I’m competing again in 2016 bringing a much improved package with the aim to place even better than the first time around.  I was lucky enough to be picked up by my awesome sponsors “Supreme Nutrition & Gym Wear” who are supporting me for my future comps. They’ve got really amazing supplements and gym apparel, with a real focus on QUALITY, so check them out.