Tapestry wall hangings

Tapestry wall hangings 31 Dec

Tapestry wall hangings

Tapestry wall hangings have found its place as a modern home décor element making interior decoration easier. They are versatile and adds beauty to your interior space. Tapestries have been a historical décor element but they have been turned to creative background element in various styles, designs, colours and shapes. They are an art form of woven textiles. Tapestries are visible in museums and as observed they depict art of hunting, castles, stories from history, various ethnic backgrounds, nature, religion etc. The materials used are wool, cotton and other yarns with pigments and added dyes. In modern era, there is blend of wool and synthetic polymers along with refined fibers which can provide traditional as well as classical art forms. Vibrant colors are used in modern Tapestry Wall Hangings. These décor elements evolve the interiors visually appealing and emotionally boost spirits. They add to charm, beauty, coziness, enlighten and warmth to the room.

Choosing a tapestry: A horizontal tapestry wall hanging enhances length to the interior of the room. Smaller tapestries can be placed for larger rooms. This will provide warmth to the room.

Hanging a Tapestry Wall hanging in right place:

•    Considering a modern tapestry wall hanging of the present times, it generally comes with a rod which enables easy hanging of the tapestry.

•    Check for the tunnel rod on the newly brought tapestry.

•    Spot the wall hanging side.

•    On the back side there is lining with sewn tunnel rod. The rod and weight usually compensate each other.

•    Locate a right spot depending on the room being large or small.

•    If it is say above the sofa then the tapestry should be placed at the eye level of the viewer sitting opposite.

•    Measure correctly and mark the placement.

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•    The mark should be placed half to two and half inches away from the window to avoid building up of moisture on the tapestry as it is made out of wool.

•    It is best to place the tapestry not too high nor very low.

•    Iron the tapestry prior to hanging it for unrolling and free of creases.

•    Place the tapestry tunnel rod accordingly on the mark.

•    If there is a rod even at the bottom then mark a placement even at the bottom and place it accordingly even at the bottom.

•    This will enable proper placement of the tapestry and stability too without flouncing.

•    Though some flouncing is quite normal.

•    Enjoy this piece of traditional art that has added charm and beauty to your interior space.

Restoring a tapestry wall hanging

It is essential to know to restore tapestry properly as they are prone to fire damage, smoke, dust, moisture etc. As they are delicate décor items they need special care in cleaning. They can get damaged due to dye bleeding or fabric distortion. Observe the type of fabric and its condition prior to cleaning. Employ a mild alkaline detergent to check for fasting colors. If it has dry soil then dry vacuuming is best and then cleaning agents can be applied using a dry sponge. After cleaning, drying is essential to avoid dye migration, shrinking etc.