3-Day Refresh Review

3-Day Refresh Review

Hi everyone!  So here is my short and sweet review of the 3-Day Refresh.


Okay, so I will write a bit more than that, but I am telling you this is doable; for everyone.

It is no secret that I struggle with my nutrition.  I have the exercise thing down and I love it.  I look forward to it everyday.  However, when it comes to shopping for groceries, prepping, planning, etc., I could always find an excuse to not do it.  I am sure many of you can relate.  So when I decide to bite the bullet and get my nutrition in line before our annual Beachbody Summit in July I knew this is where I needed to start.

When the box came I was excited and ready to get going.  It was really easy to follow and they made it super easy to shop for what you needed and gave you the exact portions of the veggies, fruits and healthy fats that you were allowed for the three days.  It also came with a Fiber Sweep for each day and two vanilla protein shakes for each day.  I already had the Shakeology, so I didnt order that.  With the guide in hand, I quickly was able to decide what veggies I liked and what fruits and healthy fats I wanted each day and wrote them in the included calendar.  I was now committed.  I could do anything for three days; and I did it.

I promise you I wasnt hungry (but I did go to bed early so I wasnt tempted by that glass of wine or that treat at night).  However, that was okay too because I got some extra rest!    Win/Win!  I realized after I was done with the three days that planning healthy options and having them available wasnt so bad, or so hard.  It was okay to grab those carrots and hummus instead of potato chips.  I also got a few good recipes for veggies out of it.  i.e. cucumber salad and coconut steamed veggies.

I will be ordering another round today and I am excited to see that it is on promotion this month, so I really have no excuse.  I might even do it every month!!!