Natural Memory Foam Mattresses

Natural Memory Foam Mattresses 5 Dec

Natural Memory Foam Mattresses

Natural Memory Foam – The Next Evolution in Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are known for their superior comfort and support. Spring mattresses can no longer compete with the pressure relief and comfort a memory foam mattress provides. A new natural memory is making waves.

Memory foam has some issues. Memory foams on the market are made with petroleum based chemicals. The result is a memory foam mattress that doesnt breathe and has a strong chemical odor. In fact those are the 2 major complaints among memory foam mattresses owners.

Natural Memory Foam

Natural memory foam was created by Essentia, a Montreal Quebec based memory foam mattress manufacturer. Their Natural Memory Material addresses all current issues with memory foam mattresses.

Instead of petroleum, Natural memory foam is made with Water, Latex, Cone Essence, Green Tea Essence, Jasmine Essence, Plant solid extracts. Its 80% more breathable than all other memory foams on the market and has little to no odor.

Essentia also took it up a notch by individually molding each mattress so their memory foam mattresses are also glueless. A not-so-know fact about mattresses is that each layer is glued together. These glues are not unlike every other glue so they do emit fumes. See Essentias list of chemicals in mattresses.

Choosing to develop a natural memory foam and address the glue fumes emitted from mattresses really put this company at the forefront of the mattress industry. Their mattress currently outranks the previous leader being Tempur-Pedic. See their Tempur-Pedic comparison.

All this luxury doesnt come cheap. Essentias natural memory foam mattresses and pillows are in the same price range as the Tempur-Pedics.

Starting price $1800 – $5000

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