Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment

Hemorrhoids and pregnancy should go together like hamburger and whipped cream. In other words, the that is the last thing you want to have. Unfortunately, that is too often not the case. Many people end up with both hemorrhoids and pregnancy at the same time.

One of the reasons that hemorrhoids and pregnancy are so common together is because of the pressure put on your anal veins from the extra weight of the baby. The actual position of the baby is such that it rests right on the anal veins, which causes enormous strain and pressure. Our bodies are naturally created to create babies, but that does not mean that we will not have to endure some rather uncomfortable situations along the way.

After all, what is the miracle of child birth without some extra hardships to make it special.  And hardships having to do with hemorrhoids and pregnancy are definitely a big hardship. There are some things you can do to relieve the extra pressure caused by being pregnant. It all has to do with habits having to do with posture.

For instance, if you make sure to lift objects with your legs instead of with your back, it will ease the pressure put on your anal veins. Not that you should be lifting objects much at all while pregnant, but sometimes it is unavoidable to go without lifting. So to reduce the pressure with hemorrhoids and pregnancy, pay attention to your posture as you lift and bend.

Other ways to reduce the pressure during hemorrhoids and pregnancy is to watch your poor bathroom habits. Many times people experience constipation while with child. So often, they end up sitting on the toilet for long periods of time. They also end up straining the bowels for long periods of time. Both of these poor bathroom habits can lead to extreme pressure. Try to sit for short periods of time and to do whatever you can to reverse your constipation problems during hemorrhoids and pregnancy.

Another poor bathroom habit that you should try not to continue during hemorrhoids and pregnancy is one in which you wipe too much or too hard after a bowel movement. This pressure comes from the other side of course, and the last thing you should do is irritate your hemorrhoids and pregnancy condition. A suggestion, instead, is to use medicated wipes with aloe and vitamin E. These allow for softer contact and less friction during hemorrhoids and pregnancy. Treat your hemorrhoids and pregnancy condition as soon as possible.

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