Healthy Eating Tips: Smoking, Drinking And Weight Loss

Healthy Eating Tips: Smoking, Drinking And Weight Loss 23 Dec

Healthy Eating Tips: Smoking, Drinking And Weight Loss

At a time when overweight and obesity are linked to more deaths, worldwide, than underweight it is important that we understand the contributing factors to this pandemic. This includes looking at ways of preventing obesity, as well as losing weight. Healthy eating is one of the fundamental necessities for preventing obesity and for healthy weight loss. Two major things that can affect obesity and weight loss are smoking and alcohol drinking. What are the effects of smoking and alcohol on someone trying to lose weight?
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Some researches have shown that smoking increases the metabolic rate, as well as acting as an appetite suppressant. You might think that this is a good way to lose weight, but there are better and healthy ways to lose weight, without the dangers and health risks smoking poses. If you stop smoking your metabolic rate may fall, predisposing you to weight gain. To prevent this you’ll either have to reduce your calorie intake or increase your activity levels, to compensate for the slower metabolism.

As much as smoking seems to be conducive to weight loss, in my opinion it would be a foolish thing to take up smoking as a way of controlling your weight. There are a lot of methods and weight loss programmes that have been proven to be effective, not just in the short term, but long term too. For one such programme take a look at the Slim-Assist Sustainable Weight Loss Programme.


Some people don’t realise that alcohol contains a lot of calories. In fact, alcohol comes second only to fat in the energy content stakes, with a gram of alcohol containing 7 calories, just 2 less than an equivalent amount of fat. Therefore, excessive drinking is almost equivalent to gorging on fatty foods. The end result is similar – weight gain or failed weight loss. Healthy eating also incorporates sensible drinking.

A lot of people cap a night of intense drinking with a visit to the local takeaway for some nosh, most typical fatty and unhealthy junk food, which adversily contributes to their struggle with weight. The calories in the alcohol, plus the excess from the unhealthy food inevitably lead to weight gain or inability to lose weight. Alcohol consumption poses other health concerns, besides obesity. According to the World Health organisation, as many as 2.5 million deaths all over the world can be because of alcohol use. Alcohol now is the third leading factor for risk to health and it is a major contributor to deaths and disability.

For those who are serious about losing weight, it may not e such a bad thing to make afew lifestyle changes to give one the best possible chances of losing weight and keeping it off, permanantly. For a comprehensive guide to diet and weight loss see the Slim-Assist Sustainable Weight Loss Programme.