Different Types Of Bariatric Surgery

Different Types Of Bariatric Surgery 2 Mar

Different Types Of Bariatric Surgery

If you have tried to lose weight and have not been successful there are different types of gastric operations which you can have to shift the extra weight which you have been desperately trying to lose. Gastric bypass and gastric balloon operations also have many different pro’s and con’s. Here are some of pro’s and con’s of having bariatric surgery and the way in which it works.

Remeber that a lot of hard work goes into creating the perfect operating room whether it is the well built air conditioning system so that you recover in comfort to the flooring which has been designed to stop surgeons slipping.

The way in which the surgery works is by having a gastric balloon is inserted orally and down into your gullet and ¬†then into your stomach. This is inserted by a professional and usually doesn’t require sedation. Patients usually¬†leave the hospital after a few hours and doesn’t involve having any time off work.

The gastric balloon is designed to include weight loss by slightly filling your stomach so that you do not feel as hungry and also feel fuller quicker this is also a great way to alter your relationship with food. You will have to follow a dedicated diet and be committed to staying healthy by doing exercise along side your healthy eating plan.

This is a great treatment for people who need to lose excess weight and are obese but do not want to have a surgical operation and wish to have a more manageable treatment. However the treatment is becoming increasingly more popular.

Another popular operation which is used for weight loss is a gastric bypass. This operation is not to be taken lightly and should be strongly considered as you have to have parts of organs bypassed in order to loose weight and limit your calorie intake. This operation also comes with an added lifestyle change which means you will have to eat healthily for the rest of your life and may not ever be able to eat a hearty meal again. This is a procedure which you should have if you want to loose excess weight and are morbidly obese. This operation is sometimes a last resort when choosing weight loss surgery and is mainly used for people who have no other option or they may die as they are heavily over weight.

Whatever you are looking for when choosing weight loss surgery reading up on the different types of operations available gives you an advantage before you visit your gp to talk about the options. There are also non surgical ways to loose weight which you may not have tried before read our next page and see if there is anythign which is of an interest to you.